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The Lawyers' Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation sponsors a wide range of programs for both its members and the general public. While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our event listings, we recommend that you check all information with the listed contact or website to ensure that it has not changed. If you would like to add an event to this calendar, please send an email to  director@culturalheritagelaw.org.

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Past events

08 Dec 2020 Holocaust Art Restitution: A Conversation with Three Leading Participants in the Field
30 Sep 2020 Webinar: Protecting Human Burials As Cultural Heritage From Man-Made and Natural Threats
27 Aug 2020 Webinar: Before, During and After: U.S. Cultural Heritage Policy Support at the Smithsonian Institution
13 Mar 2020 2020 LCCHP Annual Conference
12 Mar 2020 Wine Tasting at Sotheby's
06 Feb 2020 FBA Art Law & Litigation Conference
23 Jul 2019 Cultural Property Advisory Committee Meeting
25 Jun 2019 National Preservation Law Conference
23 May 2019 Art Restitution: Fair and Just Solutions?
16 May 2019 Art at Risk Conference
15 Apr 2019 Culture Interrupted: The Pursuit of Looted Art and Antiquities by the Nazis
05 Apr 2019 2019 Annual Conference: Contemporary Perspectives on Cultural Heritage
30 Mar 2019 Penn Cultural Heritage Center Annual Meeting on Community Archaeology and Heritage
11 Feb 2019 Anthropology Colloquium with Dr. Brian I. Daniels
13 Nov 2018 Forward Together
08 Nov 2018 Raymond Dowd: Litigation Recovery of Looted Art
08 Nov 2018 A Heritage Preservation Tradition in Qatar
07 Nov 2018 Legal Issues in Native American Art and Remains Repatriation
07 Nov 2018 Protecting Stuff Today: Cultural Heritage Sites and The Penn Museum
06 Nov 2018 Looted Art for Sale Conference
05 Nov 2018 Underwater Cultural Heritage in Court and At Sea
25 Oct 2018 Repatriation And Restorative Justice
24 Oct 2018 A Discussion on Cultural Heritage Preservation and Foreign Policy
01 Oct 2018 Arts Law Colloquium
27 Sep 2018 Memory at "The Mine of Death": Cultural Landscapes of Andean Mercury Mining
23 Apr 2018 Save the Date- Tourism and Community with Chris Hudson
13 Apr 2018 2018 LCCHP Conference: Conversations on Hard Topics
26 Feb 2018 A TRAGIC FATE -- Law and Ethics in the Battle Over Nazi Looted Art
23 Feb 2018 Conservation of Architectural Heritage Conference
21 Feb 2018 Preserving History: the Challenges of Protecting Cultural Heritage Sites in the Middle East
16 Feb 2018 Political and Military Issues in the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones
28 Jan 2018 Talk with Cultural Activist Tasoula Hadjitofi
23 Jan 2018 Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America’s Culture
22 Jan 2018 Let Us Rebury Our Dead: Native America’s Imperfect and Necessary Law
16 Jan 2018 Rethinking Maya Heritage: Community Archaeology & Future Development
02 Nov 2017 Conference: Human Rights and Cultural Heritage: A New Paradigm
12 Sep 2017 NAGPRA Essentials Seminars
13 Jun 2017 National Preservation Law Conference 2017
19 Apr 2017 Tasoula Hadjitofi for The Icon Hunter
14 Apr 2017 2017 IMES Annual Conference: Restless Matters
04 Apr 2017 Panel Discussion: New Frontiers in the Protection of Cultural Property
04 Apr 2017 The Art Business Conference
13 Mar 2017 Preserving the Archaeological Heritage for the Future: Museum Policies, Safe Havens and the Conflict in the Middle East
10 Mar 2017 2017 Annual Conference: Cultural Heritage Law and Policy Update
10 Mar 2017 CLE Registration for the 2017 Conference
26 Oct 2016 MEET THE AUTHOR! Come meet RAY DOWD, author of Copyright Litigation Handbook, a Thomson West publication
13 Oct 2016 Special Screening of The Liberators
30 Sep 2016 3rd IHC International Conference in Heritage Management
26 Jun 2016 The Destruction of Memory: Special Screening and Q&A
21 Jun 2016 The Destruction of Memory New York screening and Q&A
25 Mar 2016 2016 Annual Conference: Looted Art and Cultural Property; Current Controversies, Future Resolutions
23 Feb 2016 Art and the Third Reich: Holocaust Symposium at Boston College
12 Feb 2016 FALS Movie Screening: Saving Mes Aynak
22 Oct 2015 Tasoula Hadjitofi: Protecting Cultural Heritage Against the Illicit Trade of Art Trafficking
14 Oct 2015 "Restitution Roulette: A Comparison of U.S. and European Approaches
13 Jul 2015 Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage
04 Jun 2015 The "Black Swan" Case: Spain's Battle To Reclaim the Treasure of the Frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes
01 May 2015 What is the Value of Historic Preservation: Assessing Preservation Tax Credits in the U.S. and Abroad
30 Mar 2015 First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis
27 Mar 2015 Annual Conference
19 Mar 2015 American Society for Environmental History Conference: Joseph L. Sax Commemoration Panel
27 Feb 2015 Sixth Annual National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
25 Feb 2015 National Preservation Law Conference 2015 - National Trust for Historic Preservation
18 Feb 2015 Protecting Art and Cultural Property Through International Law
05 Feb 2015 “Cultural and Linguistic Reclamation among a Northern California Native American Community”
05 Jan 2015 After the Monuments Men: Nazi-Era Art, Modern Legal Problems
21 Nov 2014 7th Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Institute
12 Nov 2014 Looted - Recovered: Cultural Goods - The Case of Poland
11 Nov 2014 PastForward: 2014 National Preservation Conference
02 Oct 2014 SPOILS OF WAR: Plunder and Destruction of Cultural Heritage in the Pacific Theater of World War II
22 Sep 2014 Arts Law Colloquium: Protecting Cultural Heritage From Disaster
19 Sep 2014 Meeting of the US Committee of the Blue Shield
13 Jun 2014 Art & Cultural Heritage Law Conference
04 Jun 2014 Art Crime and Cultural Heritage: Fakes, Forgeries, and Looted and Stolen Art
20 May 2014 Journey Through Hallowed Ground Annual Conference
07 May 2014 Egypt: A Night at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
30 Apr 2014 Roundtable on the Reform of US Cultural Property Policy, Law and the Public Interest
24 Apr 2014 International Conference on Culture and Cultural Policies
22 Apr 2014 Mining and Archaeology: Afghanistan's Past, Present and Future
16 Apr 2014 The Economics of Authenticity: How US Cities Have Reversed Decline Through Historic Preservation Programs
14 Apr 2014 Legal Issues in Art Restitution: Historic Looting, the Monuments Men, and Nazi Looted Art
10 Apr 2014 Cultural Heritage and the Arts Interest Group Dinner
10 Apr 2014 SAFE Beacon Award
10 Apr 2014 Symposium: Reform of U.S. Cultural Property Policy: Accountability, Transparency, and Legal Certainty
12 Mar 2014 Night at the Museum
21 Feb 2014 Fifth Annual National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
14 Nov 2013 Webinar: Arbitrating Cultural Heritage Disputes
14 Nov 2013 Restitution and Repatriation: The Return of Cultural Objects
01 Nov 2013 LCCHP 2013 Annual Conference: The Monuments Men, Social Media, the Law and Cultural Heritage
22 Oct 2013 Symposium on the 30th Anniversary of the Cultural Property Implementation Act
17 Sep 2013 From Hollywood to Holy War: On the Unpredictable Social Life of Archaeological Ideas
27 Jun 2013 Call for Papers: European Conference on African Studies' Panel on the African Art Trade,
15 May 2013 The Past for Sale? The Economic Entanglements of Cultural Heritage
09 May 2013 Vulnerability and Cultural Heritage I: Heritage Crime, Illicit Trade, Stewardship and Ethics
03 May 2013 Visual Arts and the Law CLE: Cutting Edge Legal Issues For Museums, Galleries, Artists and Arts Administrators
14 Apr 2013 What's a Collector to Do? The Sticky Issue of Provenance
19 Mar 2013 Antiquities and Museum Acquisitions: Penn Museum Leading the Way
13 Mar 2013 Syrian Cultural Heritage in the Crossfire: Past, Present, and Continuity
04 Mar 2013 Rebuilding Timbuktu's Legacy
27 Feb 2013 Recovering the Priceless: The Proof is in the Undercover Operation to Regain our Heritage
21 Feb 2013 Ancient Artifacts In Court: How the Case of Rubin v. Iran Could Affect Museums
19 Feb 2013 Factors Affecting the Preservation or Alteration of Human Remains, Clothing or Metals on the RMS Titanic and H.L Hunley
18 Feb 2013 Smithosonian Institution: National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
15 Feb 2013 Conference on Protection of Cultural Property in Asia
07 Feb 2013 Contested Heritage: Archaeology Museums in Turkey
06 Feb 2013 Harboring Tourism: An International Symposium on Cruise Ships In Historic Port Communities
25 Jan 2013 Preparing for the Storm: The Legal Framework Governing Cultural Heritage in Natural Disasters
25 Jan 2013 The Art of Pricing the Priceless
10 Jan 2013 Saint Helena – A Lost Island?
03 Jan 2013 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America
10 Dec 2012 An IFAR Evening: ANATOMY OF AN ART STING
03 Dec 2012 Migrating heritage: networks and collaborations across European museums, libraries and public cultural institutions
27 Nov 2012 ICAHM's 2012 Annual Meeting
08 Nov 2012 The Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage
08 Nov 2012 From Plunder to Preservation: The Untold Story of Cultural Heritage, World War II, and the Pacific
29 Oct 2012 Repatriation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Objects
22 Oct 2012 It Isn’t Just Machu Picchu: Recovering Peru’s Spanish Colonial Heritage (An IFAR Evening)
19 Oct 2012 ASIL Midyear Meeting
18 Oct 2012 Cultural Resources:Section 106, Historic Preservation, & Tribal Consultation
12 Oct 2012 Cultural Landscapes: Preservation Challenges in the 21st Century
28 Sep 2012 World Heritage Now: Evaluating the Past, Present, and Future of UNESCO’S Cultural Policy Program
24 Sep 2012 First Aid to Cultural Heritage In Times of Conflict
24 Sep 2012 First Aid to Cultural Heritage In Times of Conflict
14 Sep 2012 Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge — Where History Meets Wildlife
13 Sep 2012 “American Monuments”: Archaeology, Heritage, and Identity in the Antebellum United States
30 Jul 2012 Learn the ABCs of Art Crime in 2012- A Bootcamp for Art Aficionados
30 Jun 2012 The Art Market and Fine Art of Crime
25 Jun 2012 International Conference and Training on Risk Management in Museums
19 Jun 2012 HERITAGE 2012: 3rd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development
15 Jun 2012 Symposium on Criminality in the Art and Cultural Property World
10 Jun 2012 The Provenance Research Training Program
23 May 2012 From Past Experience to New Approaches and Synergies: The Future of Protection Heritage Management for Archaeological Heritage in Times of Economic Crisis
25 Apr 2012 AIA Annual Gala: A Turkish-Themed Affair
04 Apr 2012 RMS Titanic: 100th Anniversary of its Sinking
30 Mar 2012 Confronting Complexity in the Preservation of Cultural Property: Monuments, Archives, and History
29 Mar 2012 Cultural Heritage and the Arts Interest Group — First Annual Dinner
28 Mar 2012 ASIL 106 Annual Meeting
22 Mar 2012 Author Josh Knelman Launches "Hot Art"
21 Mar 2012 IV Annual Regina Herzfeld Symposium On the Cultural Heritage of Native Americans
18 Mar 2012 The Future of the Past – Collecting Ancient Art in the 21st Century
27 Feb 2012 National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
24 Feb 2012 Third Annual National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
23 Feb 2012 The 'Resurrectionists': Machu Picchu, Early Twentieth Century Americanist Archaeology, and the Creation of Peruvian Cultural Patrimony Law
22 Feb 2012 Special Lecture Series: The RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary
16 Feb 2012 Restitution Roulette: The Recovery of Holocaust-Era Looted Art
09 Feb 2012 Voices of Our Time: Matthew Bogdanos
09 Feb 2012 Hear the True Stories Behind the FBI's Real 'Indiana Jones
06 Feb 2012 Beyond the Iraq Museum: Protecting our Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis
03 Feb 2012 Current Questions in Authenticity
24 Jan 2012 Successful Art Succession: Estate Planning and Practical Issues for Collectors
05 Jan 2012 AIA and APA Joint Annual Meeting
04 Jan 2012 Society for Historical Archeology 45th Annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archeology
05 Dec 2011 Reflections on Museums, Collections and Exhibits as Catalysts for Kenyanhood
01 Dec 2011 “The Lure of the Relic - Collecting and Consuming Artifacts from the Holy Land”
23 Nov 2011 Remote Access to World Heritage Sites from St Kilda to Uluru Conference
16 Nov 2011 A Joint Conference on New Dimensions in Art Recovery
16 Nov 2011 American Society of Criminology Annual Conference
11 Nov 2011 Litigation in Cultural Property: Judicial and Alternative Means of International Dispute Resolution
09 Nov 2011 GIVE 2 THE MAX DAY in DC!
08 Nov 2011 Inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage
03 Nov 2011 Keeping the Lid on Davy Jones' Locker: The Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage from Titanic to Today
02 Nov 2011 “Underwater Cultural Heritage: The 2001 UNESCO Convention and its Implementation”
28 Oct 2011 "For Real? Legal and Economic Perils of Art Authentication"
27 Oct 2011 Shifting Challenges in the Protection of Archeological Heritage
20 Oct 2011 "The Illicit Market of Art and Antiquities: A Panel Discussion about Museums and the Law"
20 Oct 2011 "Antiquities and Museums: The Story of the Getty"
17 Oct 2011 Smithsonian Institution: National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
12 Oct 2011 “Ten Years after September 11, 2001: From the Sacred to the Historical”
12 Oct 2011 14th International Conference of National Trusts
10 Oct 2011 "The Illicit Market of Art and Antiquities: A Panel Discussion about Museums and the Law”
08 Oct 2011 Dance the Night Away with Restoration Works International
29 Sep 2011 “The Challenges of Going Green in western Turkey: Natural and Cultural Heritage Practices and Policies in the Gygaean (Marmara) Lake Basin of central Lydia”
25 Aug 2011 Creating a 501(c)(3) Workshop
24 Aug 2011 The Great Museum of the Sea: America's Submerged Maritime Heritage
21 Jul 2011 2011 WALA Fine Art Auction and Reception
09 Jul 2011 2011 ARCA Conference on the Study of Art Crime
27 Jun 2011 Advisory Committee to Convene to Consider the MOU with Bolivia
23 Jun 2011 WALA Trademark Basics
21 Jun 2011 "Why Do I Need A Lawyer?" Vol. 1: Common Legal Issues for Writer's & Visual Artists
03 Jun 2011 Defending Aphrodite: Preserving Cultural Heritage through the Enforcement of International Legal Norms
02 Jun 2011 US/ICOMOS International Symposium: Respecting the Value of Context
04 May 2011 Why Does the Past Matter?: An International Conference on Changing Visions, Media, and Rationales in the 21st Century
31 Mar 2011 Human Rights and Cultural Heritage: From the Holocaust to the Haitian Earthquake
30 Mar 2011 Society for American Archaeology: Annual Meeting
21 Mar 2011 All's Fair in Art and War: Confiscation of Cultural Property during Times of Armed Conflict
19 Mar 2011 Underwater Settlements: Our New Frontier
15 Mar 2011 NEPA Compliance and Cultural Resources
15 Mar 2011 The Fight Against the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property: The 1970 Convention Past and Future
10 Mar 2011 Moral Rights and the Visual Artist Rights Act
09 Mar 2011 The Letter and the Law: A Graffiti Panel
04 Mar 2011 Egyptian Antiquities, Looting, International Law and Diplomacy: Report on the First Mission to Egypt
03 Mar 2011 Protecting Our National Treasures: The Impact and Prevention of Archival Theft
03 Mar 2011 Transparency in the Market: Can We Have More of It...
01 Mar 2011 Section 106: An Introduction
25 Feb 2011 National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
23 Feb 2011 Cultural and Natural Resources: An Integrated Management Strategy
05 Feb 2011 45 Years of Preservation Law: New York City and the Nation, the Past and the Future
07 Jan 2011 Call for Papers: 14th International Conference of National Trusts
06 Jan 2011 Archaeological Institute of America: Annual Meeting
03 Dec 2010 Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics
19 Nov 2010 Third Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Institute
15 Nov 2010 NAGPRA at 20 : Conversations about the Past, Present, and Future of NAGPRA
09 Nov 2010 Leaves from the Past: Manuscripts, Historic Testimony and the Written Heritage
01 Nov 2010 The Potential Role of the World Heritage Convention, ICOMOS, and ICAHM in African Archaeological Site Preservation and Economic Development
29 Oct 2010 SAFE Beacon Award Lecture and Reception
18 Oct 2010 Art, Ownership, and Cultural Property: 2010 Bale Boone Symposium in the Humanities
14 Oct 2010 Collecting the Americas: A Lecture by Michael Coe
14 Oct 2010 International Historic Preservation in Context with the National Historic Preservation Act
14 Oct 2010 Lawyers' Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Annual Members' Meeting and Reception
12 Oct 2010 Meeting of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee at the U.S. State Department
06 Oct 2010 Donating and Lending Your Artwork: An Evening with Jo Backer Laird of Patterson, Belknap, Web & Tyler
21 Aug 2010 International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection: Annual Conference
12 Jul 2010 Summer Away 2010: Course in Art Law
05 Jul 2010 Summer Away 2010: Course in Cultural Heritage Law
07 Jun 2010 Sotheby's Institute of Art: Course on Crime and Law in the Art Markets
23 May 2010 IFCPP Certified Institutional Protection Manager (CIPM) Course
23 May 2010 American Association of Museums: Annual Meeting
04 May 2010 Restitution — Where Now? A Conference at London's National Gallery
27 Apr 2010 Persian Antiquities in Crisis: The Persepolis Tablets at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
26 Apr 2010 The Invisible Heroes: The Monuments Men
15 Apr 2010 Panel at the Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association — Controversies Over U.S. Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Property
14 Apr 2010 Society for American Archaeology: Annual Meeting
13 Apr 2010 Lecture by Colonel Matthew Bogdanos on the Looting of the Baghdad Museum
10 Apr 2010 Cultural Heritage Now: Prospects, Directions, Futures
09 Apr 2010 The Ever-Changing Legal Canvas: An Examination of Legal Issues Affecting the Visual Arts Community for Artists and the Lawyers Who Help Protect Them
05 Mar 2010 3rd ICCROM Course on Conservation of Built Heritage
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